FIFA 20 – Complete all season 2 week 1 objectives

The challenges and objectives of FIFA 1 week 2 season 2 are now available, and then the solutions just for you.

As we did with the FIFA 20 season 1, we will also give you the solution every week to the challenges and challenges of season 2, both those related to the bronze, silver and gold challenges.

FIFA 20 – Challenges and objectives of the week 1 season 2


Where are the challenges of season 2?

You can find the challenges of season 2 on the FUT Central tab of Ultimate Team, exactly located under the title of the season’s goals.

Note that once you complete the objectives of week 1 season 2 of bronze, those of silver and then those of gold will be unlocked.

Complete the bronze challenges of week 1 season 2

  • Apply 5 Contract Items to players in your squad
  • Score 2 goals with an EPL player in any FUT game mode
  • Assist 3 goals in any FUT game mode
  • Win 5 matches in any FUT game mode

Complete the silver challenges of week 1 season 2

  • Play an Online Survival match
  • Play an Online Mystery Ball match
  • Play two games of header and volleyball
  • Play two As matches on the court online

Complete the gold challenges of week 1 season 2

  • Assist a goal from a lofted cross using a midfielder in Rival
  • Score 2 goal’s using midfielders in the same Squad Battles match on min. professional
  • Assist and score using midfielders in the same match in Rivals
  • Win 2 Rivals matches using at least 5 midfielders in your starting squad
  • Score a goal in 2 separate Rivals matches using midfielders with a min. weak foot of 4*

With this you already know how to overcome all the challenges of week 1 season 2 in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

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