FIFA 20 Fix – Error connecting to Ultimate Team

We give you the solution to error connecting to Ultimate Team in FIFA 20, something that is making it impossible for many players in the world to enjoy this playable experience.

If you are here, it is because you cannot play FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, but luckily we have found a solution so you can continue enjoying this game mode.

Solution: error connecting to Ultimate Team

The most popular mode of FIFA 20 is Ultimate Team, and unfortunately many users are finding it difficult to enjoy it. Worst of all, it is not a new mistake, since exactly one month ago it happened.

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What is the error about

Specifically in the error it is said that “we are sorry, but there was an error connecting to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. You will return to the FIFA 20 main menu. ”

As you have found out by the type of error, it is impossible for you to enter the Ultimate Team game mode, which is what most players want to enjoy.

The problem is affecting users of all platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and less on Nintendo switch.

Fix error when connecting to Ultimate Team

Since EA are already working on a patch that will be released soon to solve this error and that does not happen over time, even if you do not want to wait for a patch that may still require a few hours or days, we give you the solution.

  • Go to the “online season” game type and play a full game in this mode
  • Once you have completed a full game in that way, quickly back up and enter Ultimate Team.
  • You can now play Ultimate Team without error

If you have found another solution error to the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, share it in the comments.

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