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Land 3 hits with Bowser’s shell in Mario Kart Tour

Then we give you the solution to land 3 hits with Bowser’s shell in Mario Kart Tour, related to the new challenges of Paris.

We already have available the second round of challenges of the Paris season of Mario Kart Tour, and in one of the challenges we are asked to hit 3 times with the Bowser shell, and we give you all the details to overcome it below.

Land 3 hits with Bowser’s shell in Mario Kart Tour

In the following lines we will talk about the best strategy, the best runner and also the best circuit to easily overcome the challenge.

Best driver to overcome the challenge

In addition to Bowser stated in the challenge, we are also worth Bowsitos and Bowser Junior. It is likely that some of them already have it unlocked.

Best circuit to overcome the challenge

  • If you have chosen Bowsitos you can do the challenge in Dino Dino jungle, or in Dino Dino jungle T, or in the browser castle, or in Shy Guy Bazaar R or in the Neo Bowser City T.
  • If you have chosen Bowser Junior you can try Chep Chep Lagoon T, Bowser Castle 1R, chocolate island 2R, neo Bowser city, neo Bowser city or Paris Promenade T.
  • If you are using Bowser you can participate in Dino Dino Jungle, Bowser Castle 1, Bowser Castle 1 or Neo Bowser City.

If you use these characters you can enter the fever mode in each of these circuits, so you can throw the shells of Bowser on the rivals.

If you find it complicated you can raise the difficulty level to 150 cc, since the rest of the opposing runners will be much closer and it will be easier to hit them.

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