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Mario Kart Tour – Land 10 hits with boomerangs

In this guide we give you the solution to land 10 hits with boomerangs in Mario Kart Tour, one of the challenges of this second week of Halloween.

The new Mario Kart Tour challenges are now available, and this time we are asked to hit 10 times with a boomerang, and we can do it in different games. We give you all the details below.

Land 10 hits with boomerangs in Mario Kart Tour

This is all you have to do to overcome the challenge.

Best driver to overcome the challenge

The following runners have the boomerang as one of their special abilities:

  • Larry
  • Baby mario
  • Baby luigi

The bad thing is that it is likely that you still do not have any of them unlocked, so you will have to visit the store to see if you can buy some gold, or use rubies to fire the pipe. You can also leave the challenge stopped, but realize that within two weeks it will no longer be available.

Better circuits to overcome the challenge

  • In regards to Larry, you must use the Kalimari R Desert circuit
  • In regards to Baby Mario you must use the circuit of Circuit of Mario 1T and Pinball of Waluigi
  • Speaking of Baby Luigi you must use the circuit of the Mansion of Luigi R

If you get all three of the same objects, your character will enter a fever mode and will be able to start throwing boomerang in sack for a short time.

In any case, it is likely that the boomerang will leave the boxes of objects on a regular basis, but it must be through the corridors that we have previously mentioned.

Best way to use boomerang

To do this you have to be close to the rest of the riders, since using the boomerang skill will revolve around our vehicle, hitting all nearby riders. We advise you to overcome the challenge in the 150cc mode as rival runners tend to be much more stuck.

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