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Mario Kart Tour – Collect 50 coins in a single race

We help you overcome the challenge collect 50 coins in a single race in Mario Kart Tour, belonging to the golden challenges of the Paris season.

With the availability of the new season in Paris we also have some challenges such as getting 50 coins in a single race in Mario Kart Tour, although we clarify that it is a challenge only for those with the golden pass.

Collect 50 coins in a single race in Mario Kart Tour

In the following lines we tell you the best runner, circuit and strategy to overcome the challenge.

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Best circuit to overcome the challenge

We have been able to overcome it through Choco Island 2, which is the third race in the Peach Cup, given that it is a circuit with many coins.

In principle we can collect 25 coins in the first round and another 25 coins in the second round without any problem.

Before getting to do the challenge seriously, practice on the circuit and memorize the situation of all the coins.

Best strategy to overcome the challenge

You must choose the displacement of 50, since the race will be much slower, you can position yourself first, and you will reach first all the coins that are in the circuit. In addition to being a very easy race you can focus on collecting coins.

Try not to be hit by the rest of the participants, although as you are running in the 50 cc it is unlikely that they can knock you down, although sometimes it is inevitable. On the other hand, it is interesting that you attack the rest of the enemies to release their coins.

Best driver to overcome the challenge

We have been able to overcome it with Wendy since in the Coco Island 2 circuit you can get furor being able to obtain many more coins. In any case, you can use any other driver you have, although you should preferably match the theme of your favorite circuits.

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