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Mario Kart Tour – Finish a race by crashing over the line 3 times

In this guide we give you the solution to finish a race by crashing over the line 3 times in Mario Kart Tour, one of the new challenges of the Paris season.

The new challenges of the Paris season are now available on Mario Kart Tour and in one of the challenges we must cross the finish line suffering a total of 3 times, and we can do it in different games.

Mario Kart Tour – Finish a race by crashing over the line 3 times

In the following lines we tell you the character, circuit and strategy that you must use to overcome the challenge.

Mario Kart Tour plátano gigante

Best character to overcome the challenge

The principle can be worth with any character, although if you choose Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong or Morton you will have greater facilities since their special abilities are related to bananas. Regardless of whether you choose them or not, we need a banana.

Best circuit to overcome the challenge

The circuit you select also does a bit the same, although it would be good if you chose one of the favorite circuits of the character you have previously chosen.

Best strategy to cross the finish line suffering a total of 3 times

What it is about is that we get a banana throughout the race, and reserve it to leave it a little before reaching the finish line during the first round.

So during the first round try to take all the boxes of objects you can, and as soon as you have a banana, reserve it.

Just when you are about to go through the finish line on the first lap, leave the banana on one side so that the rest of the runners do not swallow it.

Now, in the second round, the idea is that before crossing the finish line to finish the race we swallow the banana that we had previously left.

If you do it right, you will swallow the banana and go around the finish line.

You have to do it a total of three times, in different games, to overcome this challenge.

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The fastest and easiest to do! Driver: Baby Luigi. Track: Baby Luigi Cup / Mario Circuit. Glider: Flower Glider. Leave the banana on the right! Passed for 4 calls))) The short banana track does not have time to disappear.

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