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Mario Kart Tour friend codes – play and add friends

If you want Mario Kart Tour friend codes, you can find a whole list of codes in this site so you can play with your friends and also beat the more difficult challenges.

It is clear that Mario Kart Tour is being a phenomenon in its landing on mobile devices, and one of the questions that users are sending us most through social networks, is how to add or add friends to the game, or also as Play with friends, and after contacting Nintendo, we will explain how to perform this procedure.

How to add friends in Mario Kart Tour

First it should be clarified that the title has just been launched, and that there is currently no active multiplayer modality.

What we do need is a friend code. To locate your friend code you must access the friends section of the game, and you will locate a 12-digit code that you can share with friends, or with other people through social networks and others. Once you have provided this code to others, they can add you, and you will receive a friend request that you will have to accept or deny.

Agregar amigos Mario Kart Tour

The same will happen the other way around, and if you add a friend or other person, you will have to wait for that person to accept or reject your request.

All the people that we are adding to our list of friends of Mario Kart Tour, we can access certain of their statistics, in addition to seeing their image and nickname linked to the profile.

Nintendo has confirmed that throughout the month of October it will launch an update where the multiplayer program of friends will be released, and with it national and international leagues.

How to play with friends in Mario Kart Tour

Amigos Mario Kart Tour

At the moment it is not possible, but it will be possible in October with an update. Once the friends program is set up on Mario Kart Tour, we can access it once we have won the Yoshi Cup. This is because Nintendo requires some player experience before being able to enter the multiplayer, thus inviting everyone to go through a learning process.

Once the friends program is established, and we have passed the Yoshi Cup, everything concerning multiplayer games and tournaments with succulent prizes will be unlocked.

Once the multiplayer is installed, the friends we have selected can challenge them to races, form teams, and we will know if they are competing in so many tournaments, which can give us an idea of ​​how they thrive in experience.

What can we do with the multiplayer

  • Share your friend code
  • Possibility to add friends
  • Compare our records with friends
  • Possibility of playing with and against our friends
  • Challenge games to anyone we have on the friends list
  • Participate in local, national and international tournaments

Leave your friend code in the comments section

Please, leave your friend code in the comments section.

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