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Mario Kart Tour – ride on air currents 5 times

In this guide we help you to ride on air currents 5 times in Mario kart Tour, in one of the new weekly challenges that you can not lose sight of.

Among all the new challenges that have just been released we have the ride on air currents 5 times in Mario kart Tour, and we give you all the details below so you can overcome it.

Solution to ride on air currents 5 times

Remember that it is not necessary that you do it in a single race, so you can quietly do it with the course of the games.

Circuit to overcome the challenge

The best circuit to overcome the challenge is that of Mario 3DS in the Rosalina Cup. For this you can use any driver, vehicle and wings you like.

Mario Kart Tour corrientes aire

Right at the end of the circuit, after crossing the castle you have to locate a jump that will launch you in your glider. While you are in the glider, you must locate a green pipe that has an air current and that will give you an additional boost. Be sure to pass over to take advantage of the air flow.

Clarify that this will also work for you in any other circuit that has a jump and a green pipe as it happens in this one, but the one that we point out in the guide is the one we consider to be easier for you to do. It is likely that you can get two impulses per race, so by doing three races you will have overcome the challenge.

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