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Mario Kart Tour – score of 6000 using a Koopaling driver

In this guide we help you to score of 6000 using a Koopaling driver in Mario Kart Tour, with all the details so you can not resist this challenge.

One of the new challenges released in Mario Kart Tour is to get 6000 points or more using a Bowser minion, and we give you all the details below.

Solution score of 6000 using a Koopaling driver in Mario Kart Tour

What characters help us overcome the challenge

Luckily there are quite a few pilots that we can select to overcome the challenge, and they would be the following:

  • Iggy
  • Larry
  • Lemmy
  • Ludwig
  • Morton
  • Roy
  • Wendy

Note that all drivers have very different skills, so you must choose the one you like best.

Our recommendation is that you choose Morton since he has the ability that a giant banana can come out, and that will guarantee you enough hits.

Which circuit is appropriate to overcome the challenge

We must look for a circuit that is ideal to get points, as well as to reach 6000 at least.

The first race in the Rosalina Cup of the Tokyo Tour is very good to get points due to its multiple ramps and excellent turns to get skidding. It also has enough coins that can take very well.

Other ways to get points on Mario Kart Tour would be the following:

  • Have a high level of both driver, vehicle or glider
  • Hit the rest of the drivers
  • Collecting many coins
  • Drifting with impulse
  • Doing pirouettes in the air or collecting jump impulses
  • Finishing in a very high career position

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