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Mario Kart Tour – Take out 5 traffic cones

In this guide we give you the solution to take out 5 traffic cones in Mario Kart Tour, one of the new challenges of the second batch of Halloween.

The new Mario Kart Tour challenges are now available, and with them we are required to eliminate 5 traffic cones, and we can do it in different games.

Take out 5 traffic cones in Mario Kart Tour

Below we give you all the details to overcome removing 5 traffic cones in Mario Kart Tour.

What pilot do we need to overcome the challenge?

We are worth with any pilot, since the challenge expressly says that we must eliminate 5 traffic cones, and all the characters are enabled for it.

Mario Kart Tour conos

Better circuits to overcome the challenge

The best circuit to overcome eliminating 5 traffic cones on Mario Kart Tour is the Neo Bowser City R of the Rosalina Cup. We have chosen this circuit because it has enough cones to tear down, and quite simply. We could overcome the challenge even in a single attempt.

Strategy to overcome the challenge

First try to choose a very low displacement, such as 50cc. The idea is that we are easily in the first place so that we are the first to reach the cones, because if they are not going to tear down other characters.

Then, more or less in the middle of the circuit that we have indicated before, you have enough traffic cones that are aligned on the left side of the track. If you are attentive you can load all while passing with the character.

It is likely that you can overcome the challenge in a single race, given that the greatest difficulty lies in learning which circuit is the best and once there, knowing where each of the cones are usually available.

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