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How to earn new medals in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Medals List

In this guide we tell you how to get medals in Fortnite chapter 2, one of the new additions that have been included with the premiere of this new season.

One of the novelties included with this chapter 2 of Fortnite are the medals, and we are going to tell you everything we know about them, what they are worth, how to earn them and how to gain experience thanks to them.

What are medals in Fortnite chapter 2

They are badges that will be granted for performing different actions during the day, such as finding chests, making eliminations to enjoy different games.

What are medal cards

Each day we will be awarded a perforated medal card that presents gaps for medals that we can get. There are many types, and we will receive them when performing different actions during that period.

Example of medals that we can get

  • Explorer Medal, awarded for searching chests, supplies or llamas
  • Battle medals, we are awarded for making eliminations in a game
  • Survivor Medal, we receive it for being among the first players in games
  • First game medal, awarded when we complete a game, regardless of being killed.

How to earn medals in Fortnite chapter 2

To win medals we must simply meet the requirements of each of them. So simply play games and learn about the medals you are awarded, because they will be repelled in the coming days.

Update the medals

For example we will receive a bronze medal if we make a elimination in a game. However, we can upgrade this battle medal to silver or gold if we make more than one elimination in a game. In this way the medals are upgradeable.

Get experience with medals

Once we get a medal, we will also be granted experience. For example, when we won the scout medal, we were awarded 500 additional experience points to the game simply for having unlocked this medal.

How often the medal cards are updated

The medal cards update at 2:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time.

How to gain experience in Fortnite chapter 2

As an extra, we will list the experience we received when performing each of the actions in the game:

  • 2000 experience when discovering a new location on the map
  • 1000 experience when discovering an emblematic location on the map
  • 65 experience when opening a box of ammo
  • 50 experience to survive a new storm circle
  • 70 experience when opening a chest
  • 20 experience when hitting an enemy
  • 85 experience in eliminating an enemy
  • 35 fishing experience
  • 25 experience when making a head shot
  • 40 experience performing 200 damage with a sniper rifle in a game
  • 40 experience doing 150 damage with explosives in a game
  • 40 experience if you are the first user of the game to make a weapon upgrade
  • 105 experience if you are the first player of the game to pick up a legendary item

If you get more ways to make experience do not hesitate to put them in the comments, since it is an article in constant update.

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