The Outer Worlds

Can you play third person in The Outer Worlds? Yes and No

Many players are wondering how to play third person in The Outer Worlds, the new Obsidian creation that has enough of Fallout.

Can you play third person in The Outer Worlds? (Not Now)

So that you do not get deceived, it is currently impossible to switch to third person view in The Outer Worlds in regards to gameplay, so do not look for any form or combination of buttons to do so.

For now, The Outer Worlds can only be played in the first person unless you remain still with the character for a while, since a third-person view will be triggered in the purest cinematic style.

The Outer Worlds tercera persona

Reasons why we don’t have a third person in The Outer Worlds

Obsidian has confirmed that for reasons of budget, and in view of the vast universe that houses the game, they have not been able to include a third-party view. In any case, before you put your hands to your head, there is still hope.

If there are mods, we will have a third person view (Yes, Future)

At the moment the modding is not present at the launch of The Outer Worlds, but Obsidian has clarified that they are considering including mods during the next months, so that the user community can create new experiences based on the game.

However, one of the project’s directors, Leonard Boyarsky, told the American magazine GameInformer that “we would love that players could include mods. We will analyze this proposal once the title goes on sale, and we will see what kind of support we have in this regard. ”

In this way Obsidian leaves the door open for us to have a third-person view at The Outer Worlds for the next few months, although it would arrive in the form of a mod from the player community itself.

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