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How to sell cars in Need for Speed Heat

It is important that you know how to sell cars in Need for Speed ​​Heat to get good money, one of the procedures that players have been using in this type of driving games.

Many people are asking us how vehicles can be sold in Need for Speed ​​Heat, and we are going to talk about this feature so you can take advantage of it.

How to sell cars in Need for Speed Heat

At first it is not very clear how to sell cars in Need for Speed ​​Heat, but you can.

To sell cars, the player must first go to his garage. From the garage, we must select “Showcase”. By selecting this option we can see our own cars and those of his crew. When we see the cars of the player himself, we can select them individually and give the option of “Selling car”.

The process is the following:

  • Go to the garage, then select Showcase
  • Select “toggle my garage” to show your rides instead of your crew’s
  • Select the car you wanna sell, and you get the “sell car” option

How to take advantage of this option of car sales

As you well know, as we play we receive different vehicles, which will help us to overcome the different requirements to participate in future races.

We will have to invest a lot of money to buy new cars, and thus win races and keep moving forward in the game. Unfortunately, all those cars that we have used before take up space and for little more they will be worth it. It is important to have them well categorized in the garage so that when we want to sell them it is easier.

It is essential that those old cars that you have in the garage, and that you have improved through parts, keep them in mind because they are likely to give us enough coins.

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