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Take out 5 Piranha Plants in Mario Kart Tour

On the occasion of the new challenges, we give you the solution to take out 5 Piranha Plants in Mario Kart Tour so that you do not resist.

The second batch of challenges of the Paris season of Mario Kart Tour are already available, and in one of them we are asked to eliminate 5 piranha plants in different games, and we give you all the keys below.

Take out 5 Piranha Plants in Mario Kart Tour

Yoshi Mario Kart Tour

In this guide we will give you the best strategy, which driver to choose and in which circuit to participate to easily overcome the challenge.

Best circuit to overcome the challenge

We advise you to go through the Yoshi circuit in the Yoshi Cup, since we will have many piranha plants around the road. In addition, if you have this character that is quite easy to unlock, you can trigger the fever mode with which it will be much easier to overcome the challenge.

Best character to overcome the challenge

In addition to Yoshi, any other character could be worth as long as you get the giant mushroom.

Thanks to this you can run over all the piranha plants that are around the circuit. To get the giant mushroom out, you must be between the fifth position to the seventh position.

Best strategy to overcome the challenge

The mentioned Yoshi circuit, as soon as we start the race, we will find a first section with three piranha plants in the right area of ​​the track. When you get a giant mushroom or are in fever mode, remember the arrangement of these piranhas at the beginning of the circuit.

If you are lucky, you can overcome the challenge in just one game, although as we have said you can do it in different ways with what is easier than it seems.

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