The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds – Power To Edgewater or The Botanical Lab

One of the first decisions you can make is to divert power in The Outer Worlds, but you will have to choose whether it is towards Edgewater or the botanical laboratory.

If you have the doubt about whether to divert electricity to Edgewater or to the Botanical Laboratory in The Outer Worlds, and that there are the least amount of characters affected, we give you the best method to survive most and all so happy.

Divert power in The Outer Worlds

It will be one of the first big decisions you have to make in the game, and Reed Tobson tells you that Edgewater needs the electricity to survive. On the other hand, Adelaide, who leads the deserters, is trying to establish a better life for people in the botanical laboratory.

Divert power to the botanical laboratory

The Outer Worlds electricidad desviar

If we do we will get the following:

  • It will increase the reputation of defectors
  • Reduce reputation with Spacers Choice
  • We will get a lot of experience

If you intend to divert the electricity to the laboratory, you must go back to Reed to get the energy regulator that is located on the lower floor of the canning factory. When you arrive, you will be approached and you can negotiate preferably by intimidating, but you will need an intimidation score of at least 30.

It would not be a good option in general.

Divert power to Edgewater

  • Spacers Choice’s reputation will increase
  • Deserters’ reputation will decrease
  • We will get a lot of experience

If you do, when you return to the botanical laboratory you will have to do with Adelaide. You can make up excuses like saying that you had to do it and that she must return to Edgewater . He will tell you that he will not return, but you can clarify that you are going to deal with Reed.

Before returning to Edgewater you should talk to Thomas Kent. If you have the three engineering books, you can convince her to become an engineer. Tell him to let you talk to Reed before making the decision.

With Grace you can convince her that the labs are too dangerous and that returning to Edgewater is the best option. Tell him again that you need to talk to Reed before making a hasty decision.

Thus, he returns to Edgewater to speak with Reed. You can convince him to quit if you persuade him with a score greater than 15. Tell him about Adelaide, that deserters are not as bad as they seem, and that he has resolved the whole issue of crop repair.

Don’t even think about killing him, because if you don’t lose Parvati it will be fundamental later in our group.

After the above, talk to Adelaida again and explain everything you have talked to Reed to return to Edgewater .

Concrete steps with Reed

  • Tell him Adelaide won’t come back while he’s there
  • A change of leadership
  • Adelaide people don’t get sick with the plague
  • Have you ever eaten a vegetable
  • You need Adelaide’s garden
  • Adelaide finds a way to grow food (requires persuasion 10)
  • She is using human corpses in her fertilizer
  • I’m not in the mood to argue

These are the best decisions you can make to get out of the main mission, get power at The Outer Worlds.

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