About Us

Play Trucos is an ambitious multimedia and multidisciplinary magazine founded in 2019 to offer the latest avant-garde and quality of content in technology articles and video games, in articles required by the community such as news, reports, guides and tricks.

Our vision

Our original vision is that technology is a reality for everyone in everyday life. It is not only present in what we touch, but also in what we feel, as its representation grows worldwide.

That is why digital media must adapt to the new demands of the public, who are looking for digital magazines with the latest technological proposals, but written by true professionals, with the highest quality and exposure possible, and with a great weight of image and video.

Our mission

With Play Trucos we want to offer a digital medium of the highest quality, open to all, and surrounded by professionalism.

What differentiates us from other media

In Play Trucos we rely on four main values ​​that we believe do not have the other means: freedom, very high quality texts, professionalism and privacy.


We are a new proposal in digital magazine that is not protected, nor collected, nor belongs to any media, we are totally free.

We do not have to meet sales goals, traffic goals, or please our investors, nor are we obliged to smile at any company. The agenda is made by us, not dictated from above or from business partners. The content is created thinking about what the public asks us.

Very high quality texts

All our texts are written by communication professionals, graduates in information and communication sciences. Each of the texts are written in neutral Spanish, without spelling mistakes and with the greatest possible clarity and exposure.

We do not write fast to publish the first, we write with firm step to be the first to put a quality text on the Internet on a specific topic.

All our editors have worked in large video game media in our country, and also in technology magazines, and even for general media.

Among the entire Play Trucos team we have 112 years of experience in professional publications, some are currently leaders in the sector.


We believe that Internet privacy has been lost, despite efforts such as the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. The rest of the media keep track of user behavior when browsing, to get personalized advertising, something we do not do.

Nor do we have newsletters to flood your email, and we do not send browser notices when a story has been published, we are not interested in knowing absolutely nothing about you, because it is your private life, all we want is to make you happy with quality content .


For different questions you can write to info [@] playtrucos.com (we only respond to professional messages)

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