Call of Duty Mobile FHJ-18

Call of Duty Mobile – How to use FHJ-18

If you are wondering how to use FHJ-18 in Call of Duty Mobile, we tell you what it is for, and what is the best strategy for you to get the most out of it.

There are a multitude of weapons in Call of Duty Mobile, and one of them is the FHJ-18, and many users are asking us how this powerful weapon is used to be able to take advantage of it in each of the combats.

What is the FHJ-18?

In case you still don’t know, we are facing a very powerful rocket launcher. You can unlock it when you level up and it has a peculiarity that you may not like so much: it only applies to vehicles.

How to use FHJ-18 in Call of Duty Mobile

As we have told you, we are facing a rocket launcher that can only be used to shoot vehicles. Unfortunately, it cannot be used against human targets due to its great power.

FHJ-18 Call of Duty Mobile

One bad thing about this type of weapon is that it can only fire when you have a vehicle in the reticle. To use this rocket launcher you must equip it in your starting loadout, and it will only work against vehicles. To do this, the reticle will light up in red when we are pointing at a vehicle and you only have to press on the screen to shoot.

Strategies to use the FHJ-18

In Battle Royale mode

We advise you to use this rocket launcher in Battle Royale mode to weaken those enemies that go in vehicles. So it is ideal that you keep them for the end of the game to try to knock down such complicated vehicles seen in the last leg.

In multiplayer mode

In multiplayer mode you should also use it against vehicles, but also against drones or against UAVs.

Use recommendation

As you well know, the rocket launcher is spectacular, and it has a huge firing power capable of charging any vehicle. The problem is that you are totally exposed, and you could lose some battle. Our recommendation is that you first have very clear which vehicle you want to shoot, then look for a good shooting position that does not expose you too much, quickly fix the reticle, and release the rocket. As soon as you release it, it returns immediately to a hiding place.

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