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Mario Kart Tour – Best course to collect 30 coins in a single race

We are going to tell you which is the best course to collect 30 coins in a single race in Mario Kart Tour, which will allow you to overcome one of the challenges.

What are the coins?

The coins have always been present both in the different Mario games and also in the Mario Kart license since the first delivery released in late 1992. Now you will not only need coins to boost your driver and vehicle, but also to overcome occasional challenge

Best course to collect 30 coins in a single race in Mario Kart Tour

There are many circuits in Mario Kart Tour, but very few of them will allow you to get so many coins in one game.

Within the wide variety of circuits, we are going to stay with two of them but we already tell you that you are going to have to put all your driving skills into use, using the skids quite well.

As you well know, you are going to have to collect 30 coins in a single race and many users are asking us through social networks to tell them some circuits so they can overcome this challenge.

Yoshi Circuit

Circuito Yoshi Mario Kart Tour

Our favorite is the Yoshi circuit since you could get more than 30 coins in a single race. Of course, you will not have anything easy, since it is a circuit with quite delicate turns and the idea is to collect the coins and forget a bit of what happens in the race.

In this way, we advise you to make a first round observing where the coins are located in the circuit, so that in the successive laps you dedicate yourself exclusively to pick them up, forgetting everything that happens in the race.

As you well know the curves in this circuit are quite complicated, so you will have to use all your skidding skills to collect some of the coins that are more on the edges.

Rock rock mountain

Rock Rock Mountain Mario Kart Tour

Another of the alternative tracks you can try is Rock Rock Mountain, but it’s not easy either.

Note that some of the coins in this circuit are at the bottom, so if you get too close you could end up falling or being bothered by the different ramps. It is also possible that you can focus on the coins that are in the center of the circuit, but you may not get the 30 we require.

Final tip: hit other drivers

If in any of the previous circuits you see that you will not reach 30 coins in a single game, you can also hit other drivers. And is that if you throw a red shell or a bomb and hit another driver, they will drop a handful of their coins that will also serve to solve this challenge.

If all goes well, it will not be difficult to collect 30 coins in a single race in Mario Kart Tour.

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