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How to Get to Byzantium in The Outer Worlds: Paradise Found

If you have arrived here it is because you want to know how to get to Byzantium in The Outer Worlds, a location that does not even appear on the map and you must take a few steps before you can finally visit it.

How to get to Byzantium in The Outer Worlds – Paradise Found

Byzantium is an important location that you can reach naturally in The Outer Worlds, but we can accelerate its unlocking. At the beginning it does not even appear on the map navigation screen, and previously you will have to advance a little in the adventure, overcome many other missions and even save money to be able to unlock this location

Once you’ve advanced enough in the game and got the Groundbreaker, you should visit Udom Bedford at Halcyon’s offices. In the conversation we must make it clear that we know where to find Phiness Welles.

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The steps in the conversation are as follows:

  • I know where to find Phineas Wells
  • I saw Welles’ wanted poster, and I want to claim the bounty
  • What?
  • What kind of reasons?
  • Fine, you needed money, what’s next?

If you have done well, you will get a new mission called debt balance.

When we have the mission, we must talk with Gladys in Rest n Go about the possibility of getting an official seal of the board. The bad thing is that this stamp is going to cost us 8000 bits so it will be your turn to save at this point.

Once we have acquired the seal of the board, we must return it to Udom Bedford, who will give you the navigation key for Byzantium. From there you will already have Byzantium as a location available on your screen.

Once you arrive in Byzantium you will have a great new set of missions that you must overcome, which will also be a good way to recover the money we have lost by previously obtaining the official seal, and it is also worth us to know something of the background of the narrative.

Some locations you can visit in Byzantium

  • Acropolis District
  • Bijous Billingsly’s
  • Bureau of Exploration
  • Byzantium Estates
  • Chancery’s
  • Forsythe Luxury Munitions
  • Odeon Pictures
  • Rococos Decor
  • The Symposium
With this you already know how to get to Byzantium in The Outer Worlds, so you can continue to expand the story.

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