FIFA 20: Complete All Season 1 Week 6 Objectives

Then we give you the solution to complete All Season 1 Week 6 Objectives in FIFA 20, something that will allow you to get a great experience before the end of the season during the next few days.

FIFA 20 – All the challenges and objectives of week 6 season 1

Where are the seasonal challenges?

You can find the seasonal challenges in the FUT Central tab of Ultimate Team, under the title of “objectives of the season”.

Once we complete the objectives of week 6 of bronze, those of silver will be unlocked, and finally those of gold.

Although we always have two weeks to complete all the challenges, this last batch of challenges is special, and we will only have seven days.

Complete the bronze goals of week 6 season 1

  • Buy two players outside the transfer market using the buy now option
  • Play two games in any mode
  • Score four goals in any mode
  • Score two goals with shots placed in any FUT mode

Complete the silver goals of week 6 season 1

  • Win two matches in any mode
  • Score three goals in friendlies
  • Assists in four goals in squad battles with minimal semi-professional difficulty
  • Play five matches in Rivals

Complete the gold goals of week 6 season 1

  • Assist in three goals with leaked passes in Squad Battle on minimum professional difficulty
  • Assists in two goals with high filtered passes in Rivals
  • Assist a goal with a wall play in two Rivals victories
  • They assist in a goal with a defense in Rivals
  • Win 1500 points in Rivals

With this you already know how to overcome all the challenges of week 6 season 1 in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team to complete it all in one time.

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