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Mario Kart Tour – land 3 hits with the Super Horn

In this guide we give you the solution to land 3 hits with the super horn in Mario Kart Tour, so that you overcome one of the challenges of the new season.

Among all the challenges that have been released in the last hours, one of the most interesting invites us to hit 3 times with the super horn in Mario Kart Tour, and we give you the details to overcome it.

How to land 3 hits with the super horn in Mario Kart Tour

We should have the main concern of getting the super horn, and we give you the details in this guide.

Get the super horn

In general, the easiest way you can get the super horn is to use Pauline. This is because once you get into the lucky mode of this character getting all three of the same objects, you will have a super horn with any box of objects.

The bad thing is that if you do not have this character you will have it more complicated. In any case, we give you a perfect combination so that the super horn appears in the games.

It is an object that usually leaves quite a lot from the second position to the fifth race position, so try to repeat all the races you can and stay in this position until it comes out in the object box.

To boost the percentage of appearance you must choose a runner and drive it in one of its preferred circuits, so you have better luck. So the idea is that you choose a runner, go to your favorite circuit, stay between the second and fifth positions, and open all the boxes of objects you can in the race.

Note that the challenge asks us to hit 3 times with the super horn, which is not only worth using it, but also that it affects three runners.

If you are lucky, using a super horn may affect more than one runner, although it is not easy.

With this you can overcome the challenge of hitting 3 times with the super horn in Mario Kart Tour.

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