Mario Kart Tour plátano gigante

Mario Kart Tour – use a giant banana 3 times

In this guide we give you the solution to use a giant banana 3 times in Mario Kart Tour, so that you overcome one of the weekly challenges.

Among the weekly challenges that have just been released this season is the use of a giant banana 3 times in Mario Kart Tour, and then we give you all the details so you can overcome it.

Solution use a giant banana 3 times in Mario Kart Tour

The character that has the giant banana within his ability is Donkey Kong and once you use it this great banana will be divided into three, which will give you many opportunities to hit the opponents.

Mario Kart Tour plátano gigante

How to get the giant banana

To get the giant banana in Mario Kart Tour, we must be in one of the low positions in the race so that we have a greater chance that it appears hitting the question boxes in the circuit.

Donkey Kong can also enter fever mode in Dino Dino Jungle and Rock Rock Mountain, and if you are lucky to get a giant banana, it will allow you to finish this challenge very quickly. The fever mode will allow you to quickly use the article over and over again for a short time.

Morton is another of the characters that can also make use of the giant banana and on top of that he can enter fever mode in the Kalimari desert.

It is not necessary that you hit anyone with the banana, you only have to use it three times in a race.

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