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Mario Kart Tour – Score of 7000 using a driver wearing short sleeves

We give you the solution to score of 7000 using a driver wearing short sleeves in Mario Kart Tour, so that you overcome one of the challenges of the Paris season.

We can now play the challenges of the Paris season of Mario Kart Tour, and in one of the challenges we are asked to get 7000 points using a pilot in short sleeve.

Score of 7000 using a driver wearing short sleeves in Mario Kart Tour

Then we tell you the best driver, circuits and strategy to overcome the challenge.

Best driver to overcome the challenge

We need a pilot in short sleeves, and these are the ones that are worth us

  • Baby daisy
  • Baby Rosalina
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Wario

Best circuit to overcome the challenge

Cheep Cheep Lagoon is great for us because it is a long race that has many obstacles, jumps and a multitude of turns that we can use to get ample scores.

Best strategy to overcome the challenge

What it is about is to get 7000 points, so we must make a very good race with many things to take many points.

To get many points you can do:

  • Select a high level of driver, vehicle and wings
  • Stay in the highest career position
  • Collecting many coins
  • Making a multitude of skids
  • Hitting other rivals
  • Perform stunts and catch jumps

You can even chain several combos such as collecting coins in the air while doing an acrobatics.

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