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Change category CC in Mario Kart Tour – 50, 100, 150 and 200cc

We tell you how to change CC in Mario Kart Tour at 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 200cc, so you can run into the greatest difficulties of the game, and at the same time get more numerous scores.

As has happened throughout life, it is possible to change categories in Mario Kart Tour and in this edition we have the categories of 50 cc, 100 cc, 150 cc and 200 cc, which we can change from one to another at the beginning of each game.

Categories in Mario Kart Tour

In Mario Kart Tour we have four categories that are the following:

  • Category 50 cc: it becomes the easy difficulty level, for players with little experience and who do not want to complicate life excessively. The scores obtained in the races will be minimal.
  • Category 100 cc: it becomes the normal difficulty level, with players who have previously played Mario Kart or with similar titles. You are going to get good race scores, but you may have some difficulties to overcome certain scoring challenges.
  • Category 150 cc: it is the difficult difficulty level, ideal for players who have been enjoying the title for several days. It will allow us to overcome all scoring challenges, and it will also allow us to work hard in each of the races seeking competitiveness.
  • Category 200 cc: the difficulty level becomes very difficult, only accessible if you have the golden pass. It is a level of difficulty designed for professional players who have been enjoying the experience for a few days, and who have the golden pass since they will have to use this level of difficulty for certain gold level challenges.

Change category in Mario Kart Tour

Categoría Mario Kart Tour

It’s very simple and you can do it just before the race starts. So start with the circuit selection, then select the driver, the kart and the wings. The next screen will show you in which displacement the race will take place.

Well, if we click on the displacement of the race we will see that we can change it to the ones we have unlocked.

Note that at the beginning of the game you will only have the displacement of 50 and 100 cc unlocked, and if you want to unlock the 150 cc displacement you will have to advance a little. As we have said, the displacement 200 is only available if you have the gold pass.

If I change the category, what will happen in the game?

As we have commented previously, if you change categories in Mario Kart Tour, the difficulty level increases and, therefore, the amount of points you can earn per race. In this way the rest of the pilots will be more aggressive with you, they will attack you more, they will perform more skids, they will go faster and, in short, they will make it more complicated for you to stay high in the rankings.

With this you already know how to change categories in Mario Kart Tour, so you can select the one that suits you best according to your experience.

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