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Mario Kart Tour – Score of 7000 using a driver with three hairs

We give you the solution to the challenge of score of 7000 using a driver with three hairs in Mario Kart Tour, belonging to the new challenges of the season.

The new Mario Kart Tour challenges of this week are already available, and among them we are required to score of 7000 using a driver with three hairs. Next you have the solution.

Challenge score of 7000 using a driver with three hairs in Mario Kart Tour

This challenge belongs to the gold pass this week, and we must score of 7000 using a driver with three hairs.

These are the characters to overcome the challenge

Specifically, the character we need to overcome this challenge is Lakitu, that turtle that is flying in a cloud and that you will remember from the classic installments of Super Mario.

If you still do not have the character, you must pull the pipe to appear at random or stop by the store to find out if it is available and invest coins or real money.

Mario Kart Tour Lakitu

Mortan is also a valid character, and it costs only 800 coins in the store with what could be a cheap alternative if you don’t have the previous one.

Best circuit to overcome the challenge

To do this you have to access the profile of these runners, and see what their favorite circuits are so that we obtain three equal elements and thus increase the options of unleashing the fever, so that we obtain many coins that would translate at the end of the race in points.

The circuits would be the Toad T Circuit or Mario 2T circuit. Then choose a kart and wings of a higher level so that they give you the maximum points.

The goal has to be to make a great race, with good skidding, being in the highest possible position from above, collecting all the coins we can and doing pirouettes. What it is about is that we get the highest points score at the end of the race.

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