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Use a heart 3 times in Mario Kart Tour

Then we give you the solution to the challenge of use a heart 3 times in Mario Kart Tour, so you don’t resist any moment.

The new challenges of Mario Kart Tour are already available, and among them is the use of a heart 3 times and we tell you how to do it in the best way.

Solution to use a heart 3 times in Mario Kart Tour

In the following lines we give you all the details, tips and tricks so you can easily overcome this weekly challenge.

Mario Kart Tour personaje bigote

Who is the best driver to overcome the challenge

We must choose a pilot who has the special ability of the heart, and specifically they are the following that we cite below.

On the one hand we have Wendy, who has the heart as his special object and who can make a fever in the Choco Island 2 circuit. So if you are lucky, you can overcome it in this race.

We also have Princess Peach, who also has the special ability of heart, although she can do it on the Koopa Troopa Beach R circuits, Koopa Troopa Beach T circuits, Yoshi R circuit and Mario T1 circuit.

Another character that can have the heart is Daisy, who can get it and make a fever in the hills of Daisy, the hills of Daisy T, Lake cheep cheep and Shy Guy Bazaar R.

With this you already have the solution to use a heart 3 times in Mario Kart Tour, so that you do not resist this challenge.

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