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Use a Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour

In this guide we give you the solution to use a Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour, so you can overcome one of the weekly challenges for the game.

There are the new challenges of Mario Kart Tour, and one of them forces us to use a Bill Bala to overcome the challenge, and we give you all the details below so that you do not resist this challenge.

Use a Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour

We tell you everything you need to do to get this interesting object and you can overcome the challenge, since it is not easy for you to appear.

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No specific pilot or circuit is necessary

As we talk about the rate of appearance of a specific object, it does not matter the type of vehicle, wings or pilot you choose previously, and the circuit also gives a bit the same, although you should choose one where you know where the boxes of the objects appear.

What is the purpose of Buller Bill

If you get it you will become a kind of massive bullet that will send you at full speed along the track, taking the rest of the opponents ahead, without a doubt one of the great objects of the game.

Increase the appearance rate of Bullet Bill

It is a very powerful object, and it will not come out if you are in the top positions. In this way, you must participate in a race and always be in the last position.

To do this, make a bad run, go out slowly, and swallow all the objects of the opponents. When you get to the point of collecting the boxes of objects, you have to make sure that you are in the last place so that the rate of appearance of this object leaves you.

It may be that before any other object such as mushroom or lightning appears, but we advise you not to use them or use them in a bad way because if you are not going to return to the first positions and it will be difficult for you to appear Bill bullet which is what we really need to overcome this challenge

With this you already have the solution to use a Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour. Remember that we have also given you the solution to the rest of the weekly challenges:

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