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Mario Kart Tour – Opponents to crash using a driver wearing a crown

In this guide we focus on giving you the solution to opponents to crash using a driver wearing a crown in Mario Kart Tour, one of the most complicated challenges that have appeared this week.

Among the new challenges for Mario Kart Tour is to dump rivals 10 times in a single race using a pilot with a crown, and we give you all the details below so you can overcome it, since it is not quite simple.

Mario Kart Tour – Opponents to crash using a driver wearing a crown

There are several problems in this challenge, and it is finding the right driver and also dumping opponents 10 times in a single race.

Best drivers to overcome the challenge

We need pilots who have a crown, so this time we have:

  • Baby peach
  • Baby daisy
  • Baby wake
  • King boo
  • Daisy
  • Wake
  • Peach

Most likely, if you have any, with regard to the pilot’s decision you should not have more difficulties. In any case, we advise you to leave them apart because with their ability it will be difficult for you to turn over other rivals, and focus on King Boo that is perfect for this challenge.

Mario Kart Tour piloto corona

Best circuit to overcome the challenge

  • If you are going to use King Boo we advise you to go through the Luigi Mansion
  • If you choose Daisy you can go through the circuit of the Daisy Hills

If you do not have any of the previous corridors, you can use any other with a crown and choose one of your favorite circuits since entering fever mode will make it easier for you to overturn the opponents.

Best strategy to overcome the challenge

When you have chosen the right runner with a crown, we advise you to at least play in 100cc or 150cc because it will be much easier for you to dump the rivals since they are closer together and will collide more by being aggressive.

Now we will simply wait for the three objects to come out, and wait for one of them to go into a rage. Once we have them, do not use them until you have at least two nearby rivals to amortize the object.

Do not forget to always be in the last race positions so that you get better objects, so take advantage of colliding with everything you can to delay the advance of the runner.

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